Infrastructure of the UEM - Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Getafe

Infrastructure of the UEM

Technological Support Platform

The Technological Support Platform comprises 2 services: the Laboratory Testing Optimization Service and the Molecular Biology Service.

Laboratory Testing Optimization Service

The main objective of the Laboratory Testing Optimization Service is to provide technological and infrastructure support for the performance and optimization of the laboratory tests necessary for basic and/or clinical research.

This support service is equipped with the necessary material and instruments for optimization of laboratory tests in the field of molecular biology and sorting, identification, and quantification of compounds using chromatography.

Portfolio of molecular biology services

The main objective of the Molecular Biology Support Service is to facilitate basic and clinical research with the molecular biology tests included in the portfolio of services of the Biomedicine Unit.

This support service places the portfolio of the molecular biology service at the disposal of the Institute with the aim of optimizing infrastructures, resources, and new developments for research purposes.

Physiology of Exercise Support Platform

The main objective of the Physiology of Exercise Support Platform is to support the performance of basic effort tests for the determination of cardiorespiratory capacity (peak oxygen consumption and ventilatory thresholds), the characterization of study populations, or the performance of tests for those who request them.

The laboratory is equipped with a treadmill, next-generation gas analyzer (with a 12-lead electrocardiograph), 2 cycle ergometers with an electromagnetic brake and 1 with a mechanical brake, a portable lactate analyzer, and a blood gas analyzer. The Platform has recently taken delivery of a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry device (DXA) for measurement of bone and muscle mass.

Methodology and Statistics Support Platform

The main objective of the Methodology and Statistics Support Platform is to provide methodological and statistical support from the University to Institute research projects that have been authorized for access to this support.

The University has 2 professionals (a statistician and a methodologist) available for consultation by physicians/researchers from the hospital. Both have an office at the hospital 1 day per week, when they can meet physicians/researchers who request methodological/statistical support for their research projects. Projects are followed up on a weekly basis until the service provided by each expert is deemed to have finished. The procedure for using this service has been drafted and published.

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