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Human tissue biobanks enable the exchange of human biological material and information derived from its analysis. They are a key element in the scientific infrastructure underlying biomedical research. Biobanks play a major role in the prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of diseases and in the development of new products and services.
The Biobank of Hospital Universitario de Getafe is a platform that works to obtain, store, manage, and distribute collections of biological samples of interest. These collections are designed for biomedical research. The Biobank is organized as a technical unit that adheres to criteria of quality, storage, and use in order to guarantee the rights of donors and to enable the work of researchers, who can request technical advice on projects for collection of human samples.

The Biobank is located in the Research Unit of Hospital Universitario de Getafe. It shares space with the Tissue Bank, which has a surface area of 86.4 m2 divided into 3 rooms: a laboratory (40 m2), a liquid nitrogen storage area (20 m2), and a processing area (20 m2).

• Equipment available:
• Temperature-controlled centrifuge
• Temperature-controlled Eppendorf centrifuge
• Refrigerator +4ºC
• Freezer –40ºC
• Freezer –80ºC
• Automated liquid nitrogen cryogenic tank (5000 litres)
• Inverted microscope
• Laminar flow cabinet (biological safety class II)
• CO2 oven
• Manual paraffin embedding system
• Microtome
• Cryotome
• Ovens 38ºC  and 68ºC
• Incubator and shaker
• Room temperature storage cabinet
• Nucleic acid bioanalyzer
• NanoDrop
• Computer system:
• Computer with Internet access, database coded in Access, Zebra label printer, barcode reader.
• The Lung Biobank uses the CIBERES platform programme, which was designed by Noray Bio. The confidentiality of the information generated through the activity of the Biobank is ensured by current legislation on the protection of personal data (Law 15/199, dated December 13) in such a way that access is password-protected and traceable and clinical information is anonymized.
• System for control of the safety of biological material. With respect to safety and prevention, both the Hospital and the Foundation comply with current legislation.
The use and exchange of human samples and the information derived from them is regulated by Royal Decree 1716/2011, which covers the various structures through which research with human biological samples is carried out in Spain. Please see the Guidelines for the use of human biological samples for biomedical research.

Vision, Mission, and Values

MISSION: The Biobank of Hospital Universitario de Getafe is a platform whose objective is to obtain, store, manage, and distribute collections of biological samples of interest for biomedical research. It is organized as a technical unit with criteria of quality, storage, and use in order to guarantee donor rights and enable the work of researchers, who also receive technical advice on projects involving the collection of human samples.
VISION: In line with our strong commitment to our ethical principles, we aim to ensure a service of the highest quality by means of standardization of procedures, institutional integration, and organization of the provision of samples and associated data within the framework of Law 14/2007 on Biomedical Research and Royal Decree 1716/2011.
VALUES: The Biobank of Fundación para la Investigación Biomédica del Hospital Universitario de Getafe comprises a structure with a firm ethical commitment that ensures respect for the individuality of the donor. We also value our vocation of providing the scientific community with a service based on quality, transparency, collaboration, and accessibility.

Dra. Isabel Sánchez Muñoz
Head of the Biobank, Hospital U. de Getafe - Fundación Investigación Biomédica

Hospital Universitario de Getafe Ctra. Toledo Km 12.500 28905 Getafe (Madrid) Tel. 91 683 93 60 ext 2447 y 2397 Fax: 91 624 73 32 Email:
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