Histology Platform - Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Getafe
Laboratorio IISG

Histology Platform

The main objective of the Histology Laboratory is to facilitate a series of experimental approaches that improve the quality of research projects. To do so, the laboratory uses equipment with multiple features, as follows:

• Microtome for cutting paraffin-embedded tissue (MICROM 310)
• Cryotome for obtaining slices of frozen tissue (Leica, CM1100)
• System for paraffin embedding of tissue (processor and dispenser P-Selecta)
• Thermostatic bath (P-Selecta)
• Tissue immunohistology techniques for determination of various markers
• Tissue immunofluorescence techniques for determination of various markers
• Microscope (Olympus BX51), with optical function and fluorescence function (filters for green, blue, red, and green-red) and camera for image capture
• 2 ovens (P-Selecta, 2000208)

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