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Scientific production

In order to analyse the scientific production within IDIGETAFE, we conducted a search in the following databases: PubMed, EMBASE, Web of Science (WOS), ScienceDirect and Google Scholar. The strategy used included all the possible ways to name Hospital Universitario de Getafe in the address field. As a second step we also checked the author’s affiliation and selected those that belong to our Institution. In case of doubt, we have reviewed the full text of the original document. We limited our search to year 2014 and did not include Epub ahead of print articles that finally were going to be published in 2015.

The results were downloaded into the “Zotero reference manager” in order to eliminate duplicated data.

The automatic search was completed with the references submitted by healthcare staff at Hospital Universitation de Getafe.

In the Impact Factor analysis (IF) and quartile analysis (Q) we have used the latest information available, which is 2013. If one journal is included in more than one ISI subject category, we have selected the better position in the classification list.

A total of 231 relevant papers were found. The type of document of all references included in the analysis are distributed as shown in the following table:

Type of document Nº of references
Original article and review and editorial 165
Letter 10
Abstracts and posters in congress 54
Published erratum 1
In memoriam 1

The 2014 total number of references with an Impact Factor are 186. The total Impact factor of these 186 papers is 755,298 points (with an average of 3,270), and if we only include in the analysis the original research articles, and the reviews (129 documents), the total Impact Factor is 511,016 points (with an average of 3,961).

According to this, in comparison with year 2013 the total impact factor has grown 40,7% (from 536,879 to 755,298) and the total impact factor of original research articles and reviews has grown 39,2% (from 367,117 to 511,016).

Distribution of papers by quartile
Quartile Percentage
First (93 references) 50%
Second (34 references) 18%
Third (24 references) 13%
Fourth (35 references) 19%

For detailed information about our scientic production, please download our Annual Scientific Report 2014.

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