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Scientific Output

Scientific research generates knowledge that helps us to solve problems; however, it also promotes an environment in which current knowledge is questioned, advances are discussed, and decisions are supported. This is very beneficial for our institutional excellence and growth. Therefore, analysis of scientific output is paramount for the evaluation of this knowledge.

Every year, Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Hospital Universitario de Getafe publishes data on its scientific output.

Scientific output

The criteria followed for the analysis of journal publications are as follows:

• Compilation of publications in journals using the scientific output module of Fund@net.
• Automated search in PubMed, Web of Science (WOS), and, first using the field “affiliation=“Hospital de Getafe” and all possible variations, and second, using search by author.
• Comparison of the data obtained with those sent by the heads of the hospital departments in order to complete missing data, where necessary. Missing data are added by performing an additional search in ScienceDirect and Google Scholar.
• The search was limited to the year 2016. All electronic articles and preprints published in the current year were excluded.
• The impact factor (IF) and quartile (Q) are calculated using the latest version of Journal Citation Reports (JCR) (2016):

Where a journal is catalogued in more than 1 subject area, the best positioned in the classification was selected.
Once all data were collected, a total of 221 documents were found for the year 2016. Of these, 173 had an impact factor (129 Articles, Reviews, Editorial Material and 44 other types of document [Letters, Abstracts of Published Items, Meeting Abstracts]).

The data obtained with the impact factor calculated and the change with respect to previous years can be seen in the following figures:

Progress from 2014 to 2016 by document type

Distribution by quartile %

The analysis by quartile only takes into account the 129 original articles, reviews, and editorials:

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