Infrastructures - Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Getafe
Laboratorio IISG


The University Hospital of Getafe counts on a set of facilities aimed to facilitate research and its management, including the following infrastructures:

  • The Animal Platform, that comprises the animal facilities and the experimental operating rooms.
  • The Clinical Platform, including the Old patients Research Center and the Old Patients Multifunctional Assessment Laboratory (LEMA).
  • The Biobank.
  • The Molecular and Cell Biology Platform, that comprises a Cell cultive Unit and the Cell and Biology Laboratories.
  • The Pathology Platform.
  • Besides, the European University of Madrid provides IDIGETAFE with an additional set of infrastructures that include:
    • The Technological Support Platform.
    • The Physical Exercise Physiology Support Platform
    • The Statistical and Methodological Support Platform

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